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High atop Montreal
Admittedly the weather wasn't the best during the Montreal visit (though I will take cloudy and gloomy over 10 feet of snow any day!) but I think haze and fog makes for interesting pictures of the landscape. The sky eventually cleared and helped light up the city a little.
A chat from the tower
With time winding down in Montreal it was time to get high -- and by that I mean get into an elevator and visit one of the tallest buildings in the city. A visit to Au Sommet Place Ville Marie has a storied history in Montreal. So not only does a visit here mean you can see breathtaking views, you can take a walk down memory lane thanks to archived photos and stories from the city's history. So I can say I saw most of the city on the ground and then the rest of it with a bird's eye view.
After a visit through the tower, my tour guide Karina and I decided to put together our own little Amazing Race sort of adventure. There are information tablets that show videos of everything Montreal has to offer -- from the nightlife to the restaurants and the sports scene, guests to Au Sommet Place Ville Marie can get their own task list of places to visit and things to do by "liking" the videos they watch. And we did just that! It's crazy to think that after a visit to a place like this I already know more about Montreal than my own hometown. Geez, maybe I should have paid attention more in school!
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