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A visit to the casino
I am not much of a gambler. As the bestselling author of a book with the word "cheapskate" in the title and a video series in the Winnipeg Free Press, it's hard for me to blow money and not get something for it. But I can appreciate the excitement of gambling and the thrill of winning. At Casino Montreal there is plenty of room to try your luck as the casino is spread out over several floors. With special sections for slot machines, poker, and other table games, you can try your luck hundreds of ways. And when you need a break, there is an entire upper floor with restaurants offering many different tastes.
When I mentioned to my parents that I was checking out Montreal's casino, I was peppered with questions and told to try certain slot machines. I only remembered one of the names but the game was no longer there. Though I was told it was previously on the gaming floor.
Aside from gambling, guests can enjoy five restaurants (as I mentioned) and four bars plus the cabaret with entertaining shows all year round.
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