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Pastry sampling
It was the first stop of the day. I hadn't eaten because hearing about Maison Christian Faure got me hungry. I was set to meet with the owner himself -- Christian, if you couldn't figure it out -- and chat about his French pastry shops. We enjoyed some freshly squeezed orange juice and a pastry or two and then I was handed off to an employee for a tour. At their Place Royale location the public can head upstairs for cooking lessons and there are even meeting rooms where you can have private functions. We toured the basement where the foods are made fresh every day.
After the tour when I asked to speak with Christian for our interview about the shop I was told he had stepped out. For about an hour I waited around and was told he had just returned -- he even walked by the table twice. But Christian never did sit down for an interview as discussed, which has never happened during any of the travel broadcasts we have done over the past five years. Instead I got up after an hour and a half and showed myself out. And Iíll be honest, my stomach felt uneasy for much of the morning after the snub. I am not sure if it was from the rage or the food itself.
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