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Christmas in Montreal
The weather outside might not be frightful but the sights of Montreal are delightful this time of year. Christmas decorations and holiday fun -- and pavement -- as far as the eye can see. Hey, I'm from Winnipeg so I'll take a minimal snowfall any day! Strolling the shops and outdoor markets, I can't help but get into the Christmas spirit and see the little figurines and trinkets and sample the food on display. This is a city known for its culture and food and Christmas markets are the best place to experience them.
Armed with a map (and maybe a little spending money) I walked the streets and took in Montreal's Christmas displays.
Admittedly it did become a little chilly (even by Winnipeg standards) but that didn't mean I had to get out of the Christmas spirit altogether. The magical fountain entertained hundreds of people when it fired up for its evening shows. People stared up at the water as it bounced and trickled in lighted patterns. Like a good tourist, I also got in on the picture-taking fun to capture the moment for you.
After I warmed up with some flavoured hot chocolate, it was back outside to continue the Christmas experience in Montreal. I was joined by our tour guide Luc for a little history of the city.
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