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Barbie fashion like you've never seen
"Let's check out the Barbie Expo." Admittedly, never a statement I thought I would hear when planning our visit to Montreal. But the idea of it had me curious. What exactly is a Barbie Expo? If you think it is tables and tables of old dolls that collectors will tell you about, you are wrong. It is fashion kicked up a notch as the legendary doll is on display in designer outfits worth more than what you are wearing right now.
It is set up at Cours Mont-Royal Shopping Centre as a permanent display with fancy lighting, a fountain and over one thousand Barbie dolls in the exhibit.
The one-of-a-kind dolls come from all over the world -- literally -- there is a whole gallery of unique country and culture outfits. In addition, every designer you could imagine has dressed a Barbie. Even your favourite TV and movie stars might have a Barbie replica on display here.
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