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Between a rock wall and a hard place
When I got to Horizon Roc I noticed lots of kids flying up the wall, so it led me to think rock climbing wasn't that hard -- or scary.
I got harnessed up and took my position at the wall. It was tricky at first. The fear wasn't the heights, it was losing grip and falling. The view from above was cool (once the sweat got out of my eyes). My next challenge was to get up the wall using only one colour of 'rock' and that proved to be the hardest task.
OK, these people are nuts. The ones hanging from the ceiling are crazy. I stood in awe watching people climb so fast as though they were in a race. It would be great to tell you one of these people in the pics is me, but sadly I stayed planted on the ground and observed.

The most daring I got was heading up the wall blindfolded. Why? Because it is apparently easier. But is it? Click to the next page to find out.
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